Monthly Archives: March 2012

Preparing for Nicaragua


I’ve recently decided to volunteer for the Foundation of Sustainable Development in Tola, Nicaragua. I’m planning to build a community youth development program in a local community. However, with little knowledge of the culture and history of that specific region in Nicaragua, I feel foolish saying that I am going to help them, when really at this point I know nothing at all, and am ignorant at best.

Some of the things I hope to research and understand before going and by the time I leave, is

1. What are some of the prevailing problems in Tola?

2. How are these problems manifested?

3. What are the cultural and historical roots of prevailing social problems in Tola and in Nicaragua today?

4. What are some important factors to keep in mind when working with the given demographic?

5. What are some prevailing safety concerns that locals and foreigners confront?