Monthly Archives: April 2012

“What one word would you use to describe how you feel about your upcoming summer project? Why?”



That is how I felt at first because I still didn’t know exactly where I was going to volunteer, how my help was needed. I didn’t know where I was staying or what the town I am going to work in looks like–what the population demographic is like, etc. There were too many unanswered questions looming over my head but now….

14 days. In 14 days I will finally be able to do my Ingram Summer Project. It’s a little surreal. I’m extremely excited. I think that the program could not be more perfect for me. I was assigned to help develop a community center in Limon 2, a town of 500 people in Tola, Nicaragua.

Some of the reasons why I am super excited to help out with this project is because I’m extremely interested in community youth development. I love working with kids. I am very interested in teaching as well.

I think this experience will definitely help me learn more about a different system of education. I am excited to learn more about Nicaraguan culture and this experience will mark the first time I live in Central America for an extended period of time. I know that my Spanish will be tested. I can imagine a degree of frustration, anxiety and insecurity at having to write in Spanish on a daily basis…but it is a challenge I am certain I can overcome.

Overall I think that this summer will be a very enriching experience. I hope that I can offer genuine and honest help to the community I will be working with. In the end, this is not for me. My biggest fear is of taking up time and space and being of no use to the community. I hope that I can actually be an asset to the community and help them improve their condition and the services that they have for their community.