I always want to learn about other people’s projects and travels. I figure if it’s recommended, it’s worth trying. Please do send me a note with info on issues, causes and any organizations that you recommend working with! I am also compiling a list of organizations I have volunteered for in the past and service programs I have participated in. 


In High School I created the American Embassy School Hope Foundation club and worked with Hope Foundation Chennai. The AES Hope Foundation original constitution is still available on the school website. The club currently works with the Tigri school in New Delhi but if you would like to know more about the partnering NGO, Hope Foundation India, you can go on: Hope Foundation India to apply to volunteer or to donate to one of their many projects across the region.

Month of Hope–Students at the American Embassy School in India performed every Wednesday of March in 2008 and 2009 to raise awareness about the education crisis in India and raise funds to help build a school in the outskirts of Chennai, India with Hope Foundation Chennai.

Some performances from 2009 are available at HopeFoundationAES youtube channel.

Rent by Yet to be Defined at Month of Hope 2009


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